Why Am I A Member?

Celebrating RSL Members

All RSLs are made up of special individuals and groups who all play their part in making each RSL unique. We want to showcase our members and what the RSL means to them.

We are launching the “Why I Am A Member” campaign for the month of June. This campaign is designed to tell our members’ stories; why they come to their RSL and how they represent the ANZAC Spirit. The ANZAC Spirit incorporates five core values: Courage, Endurance, Humour, Ingenuity and Mateship. We believe all our members possess these values and want to share and celebrate them with the community.

We encourage you to find out about your Sub-Branch members and share their story with us. They may be a member who has hosted the Friday night raffle for ten years; or it could be a member who got innovative on how to stay connected with their RSL mates during COVID-19. 

These stories can be about an individual or a group, and we would love you to send these stories to us so we can share them with the wider community, here at rslic.com.au and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you would like to get involved, please include the following in your submission:

Please send your nominations to mufti@rslvic.com.au or contact Liam James for more information at ljames@rslvic.com.au.

Be sure to check here at rslvic.com.au or on our RSL Victoria Facebook and Instagram accounts over the coming weeks to see our member stories.

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