Doreen RSL

Key Contacts

Doreen RSL was officially established on 24 August 2017. Being Victoria’s newest RSL Sub - Branch we are aiming to create a solid membership base and increase the membership numbers as time goes on. We are a traditional Sub-Branch at the moment, catering to the welfare and well-being of members. Its social heart is ‘Jojayz’ which is a licensed Cafe located in Doreen, where all functions and events are held. We hold a ‘Happy Hour’ every Friday afternoon from 5.30pm at Jojayz Café, which gives branch members and members of the community regular opportunities to meet, greet and socialise with raffles and future fund raising opportunities like ‘Jokers Jackpot’. The Doreen RSL welcomes all members of the community regardless of Service history. Levels of membership available are Service, Affiliate & Social.

  • 25 Hazel Glen Drive
    PO BOX 332
    Doreen 3754