Compensation & Welfare Support

Before talking to us we ask you to read our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.


If you are thinking of submitting a claim to DVA for an injury or illness, we recommend that you use an advocacy service to help the claims process.

We know that undertaking any kind of claims process has the potential to be difficult and to impact your mental health, so if you are in distress, placing a claim for a mental health condition, or have a complex claim, the best option is to contact Veteran Central on 1300 MILVET (1300 645 838)

for support.

There are two ways of submitting a claim and we can help with both. You can complete a self-submission via the MyGov website, or you can have an Advocate submit on your behalf via the ESO Portal.

Registering on MyGov

Prior to seeking Advocacy support, you should register on the MyGov website:

Create a MyGov account HERE.

Sign in to your MyGov account.

Link the MyService with your MyGov account – the DVA guide is HERE.

You can apply for a Veteran (white) card via this service if you don’t have one.

Getting your documents ready

Before you make an appointment, read through our Checklist for Military Compensation Claims and make sure you have all the documents ready to show us.

Making an appointment

We recommend that you make an appointment with an Advocate to go over your claim before you submit.

Our Advocates can meet with you at one of our Veteran and Families Wellbeing Centres or online via Microsoft Teams or over the phone.

Call 1800 MILVET to make an appointment.

I’m confused…?

If any of the above is confusing or you would like support to complete it, please contact us on 1300 MILVET (1300 645 838)

Are there Advocates who work for other organisations than RSL Victoria?

You can search for an Advocate via the Advocate register.

Melbourne Legacy also has an Advocacy capacity.

You can approach your local RSL Sub-Branch to see whether they have a Volunteer Advocate.

What’s happening with my claim…?

At the moment there are significant backlogs with Defence providing service records and with DVA processing claims. We know this is frustrating.

You can email DVA and ask for a status update on your claim at any time.

Provide your Claim Number and name and ask for an update on the status of your claim to:

If you believe there is a problem with the processing of your claim, or you have urgent needs, please call Veteran Central on 1800 MILVET and we will try to help.

Veterans Review Board

If you are dissatisfied with a decision relating to your claim, you may wish to appeal to the Veterans’ Review Board. RSL Victoria can investigate the case and provide advice on the merits of an appeal.

Information on the Veterans’ Review Board is available here.

Financial Welfare

RSL Victoria is committed to helping veterans access the support they need and providing emergency benevolent support when it is required.

Financial assistance is provided by the RSL Victorian Branch Inc through the General Appeals Patriotic Trust Fund. The fund provides financial grants to help eligible persons who are in needy or necessitous circumstances brought about by financial hardship due to illness, injury, disability, unemployment, or death.

The fund does not as a rule provide cash payments. 

RSL Victoria is a registered charity organisation. Therefore, evidence of financial hardship needs to be established for assistance to be provided.  The Fund will carefully consider all individual requests for assistance.

RSL Victoria can also make available emergency household assistance grants of up to $1,500 immediately to those who have lost their belongings or suffered damage to their homes as a result of disasters such as bushfire or flood.  

If you believe you need support, please contact Veteran Central on 1300 MILVET (1300 645 838) for assistance.

If you are asked to download a copy of the Application for Financial Assistance, HERE is the document.